Sunday, April 18, 2010

In My Mailbox

This is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi @ The Story Siren that allows us to reflect on the books we received in the mail in the past week, either because we bought them or they were for review or we won them (doesn't matter as it's always exciting to get a book in the mail), or the ones we picked up at the library.  It's also a great way to check out great books out there in the blogging community.  This is what I picked up this week.

Books for review:

Vampire Theory
by Lily Caracci

When mysteriously gorgeous Alan comes to North Willchester High, bringing with him the equivalent of the Apocalypse, Emalyn learns that change isn't always for the best.  It will take take a girl more than her rapier-sharp wit, serious Chemistry lessons and a hunky sidekick to win the race again Alan's fanged armada.

And the worst of it?  She won't escape entirely human.

by Susan Hughes

A gripping story about an ordinary teenage girl drawn into an extraordinary chanin of events, Virginia will have readers questioning their own beliefs and contemplating the secrets that we all carry.

Books I won:

This One is Mine
by Maria Semple

Violet Parry has a picture-perfect life: a beautiful house, a successful husband, a darling daughter.  She has everything under control - except her own happiness.  All it takes is a chance encounter with Teddy Reyes, a roguish small-time bass player with a highly evolved sexuality, to open Violet's eyes to what she's missing and upend her life completely.

Books From The Library:

by S.J. Parris

This historical thriller delivers a page-turning murder mystery set in Elizabethan sixteenth century.

I started this yesterday and am almost finished.  It's brilliant!!!!

Murder Has No Class (Book 3, Bellehaven House Mystery)
by Rebecca Kent

You can read my review here.

Dead and Kicking (Book 3, Ghost Dusters series)
by Wendy Roberts

Sadie Novak cleans up crime scenes for a living, and often finds herself face-to-face with the dead.  Blessed - or cursed - with the gift of second sight, she can't seem to finish a job without being visited by an earthbound spirit.

I love this series and was thrilled to see this in the library.


  1. I love the cover of Virginia. I hope you enjoy all your books!

  2. I like the look of Vampire Theory & I've not heard of the Ghost Dusters series but it looks like a fun series so I'll have to check it out :o)

    Hope you have a great week!

  3. Vampire Theory and Dead and Kicking both look like great reads. Happy reading!


  4. i always love a good book - looking forward to your reviews - following back form a few weeks ago - trying to play catch up.

  5. Heresy looks great!

    My mailbox is here. Only one book this week, but an interesting one!

  6. Some great reads this week! Vampire Theory looks good, looking forward to reading what you think!

    Here's mine!