Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Finds

I am in the midst of report cards right now, so of course this would be the time when great books appear on my desk at work or in my mailbox or at the library.  A friend of mine brought this one to show me at work this past week and it sounded so interesting I thought I would share it on Friday Finds, hosted by Should Be Reading.  (I did have to sacrifice and put it away until next week, and wait until after reports are due (sob, sob!!!).)

Pretty Little Things
by Jilliane Hoffman

After a date on Halloween, Lainey Emerson disappears, along with her new boyfriend.  This individual, known only by the nickname of El Captain, is the obvious suspect. Bobby Dees, the tenacious special agent of Florida's crack Crimes Against Children squad, is the one person who may be able to find her - and he is both helped and hindered by the fact that he knows only too well how it feels to lose a child.  But all of his resources are called upon by a nemesis who always seems to be one step ahead - and time is running out for the missing girl.

Doesn't this sound great?


  1. Does sound like a good read. Putting it on my bolo (be on the look-out) list!

  2. Boo! Report card time is horrible for the reading pile. Two of the best books I found this week are detailed here. I'm also in the middle of report cards, but thankfully I don't have many students so it's not as time-consuming for me as most.