Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm Off to See the Wizard...well, Mickey!!!

Hello everyone!  I am going to be MIA the next several weeks with very limited computer access (I'll only be checking my email every couple of days or it gets completely out of hand and that's pretty much it) as I am headed to the sunny south for a few weeks of heavenly relaxation before heading back to work.  In fact, I am going to Walt Disney World for the first time ever, and I think my husband is afraid I am going to embarrass him silly while I am there as I am more excited than the kiddies.  Hello, dearest hubby, but Belle is my heroine!!!!

We are driving down and leave tonight.  I can't wait as I love driving through the mountains of West Virginia.  And as long as the kids have their DVD player working and their Nintendo DS's, we're good to go.  So different from the days when I was their age.

I just want to wish everyone a safe and healthy August, and I'll be back in a few weeks!


  1. Oh I am completely jealous!! We are planning a trip to Disney World next year for our daughter's third birthday.

    Have a great trip :-)

  2. I loveeeee Disney! Have so much fun :)

  3. Have fun! I loved Disney when I went!

  4. First time to Disney, you are in for a delight.

    We are going later this year and it will be my 3 year old's first time. I am trying to book dinner with Shrek and Fiona, they are her favourite, have been for almost 2 years, hahaha


  5. I'm officially jealous! :)

    Have a blast!

  6. Disney World!! We'll make it someday, I'm sure.

    Just found you through the blogroll on Canadian mom Blogger, and I am now a follower!

    Kate @ This Mom Loves