Sunday, February 13, 2011

In My Mailbox: It's Always Fun Times!

In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristie @ The Story Siren.  You'd think there would come a point when receiving a package delivery would be ho-hum, but I still get excited when I see the UPS or FedEx truck pull up outside my house as I never know what I will now receive in the mail.  This week has been great as there were some goodies I was not expecting and am thrilled about reading.  Take a look!

For Review:
She Demons by Donald J. Hauka
The Deadly Conch (Tara Trilogy, Book 3) by Mahtab Narsimhan
The Curse Maker by Kelli Stanley
Bellefield Hall by Anna Dean
The Law of Angels by Cassandra Clark
Shadowspell by Jenna Black
Dead of Wynter by Spencer Seidel
Credo's Hope by Alison Holt
The Door at the Top of the Stairs by Alison Holt
The Witches Lottery by Krystal McLaughlin

From The Library:
I did borrow a couple of library books (audiobooks) from the library, but they're sitting in my car and I can't remember the exact titles of any of them.  Consider it a symptom of encroaching old age as it's been an issue as soon as I hit 40, although my husband seems to think it's been happening a lot earlier.  All I know is one of them is by Catherine Coulter, another is a medieval mystery by a slew of authors, and the other is a tween one I have absolutely no recollection whatsoever of whom the author could possibly be.  And with a windchill dropping the temperature twenty degrees, I am not stepping foot outdoors until tomorrow. So, stay tuned 'til next week when I report on these ones, after a lot of fortification in terms of tea, when I go fetch them from my car.

Six weeks and counting.  I am still on my book-buying ban and it has been a lot easier than I thought.  Mind you, I haven't really been in a bookstore since I started the ban as I am not sure of my willpower, but I do have to go there next week to purchase a GC for a child's birthday party so we will see how that goes.  If I can get out with no books and a Starbucks, I will consider that a success.  Wish me luck!

Have a great reading week everyone!


  1. Good luck with your book ban! Six weeks is amazing!

    You received some awesome books for review this week! Will keep an eye out for your reviews on She Demons and Shadowspell. Enjoy!

    Alexia's Books and Such...

  2. Six weeks of non-book-buying is impressive - you're a braver man than I!

  3. Lots of great books! So much to read!!

    Our Mailbox is at BookSake.

  4. Great job on your book ban! Can you imagine life without a library though?
    My IMM

  5. If it wasn't for the library, I'd be in deep trouble. It feels weird not buying books, but I'm also getting so many for review, or through the library, that I don't really feel deprived either. At least not yet!!!