Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Challenge!

I have decided to join one more challenge this year, and it is the Dystopia Challenge hosted by BA Reading Challenges.  This is an area I have neglected a bit this past year so I have decided to do this as a way to integrate some more of these books into my reading.  And it certainly helps that I know I have some of these books sitting on my shelf so it forces me to head to my TBR pile to do some reading.

I am going to tackle the Contagion Level - 15 books.  It would be great if I could read more, but I am not going to stress myself out by trying to read more than I can handle

The challenge runs from 01 January 2011 to 31 December 2011.  Head on over to BA Reading Challenges for more information and to sign up for a very interesting challenge.


  1. This is a great challenge to enter. I've also signed up! Good luck!

  2. With as many dystopian novels as I've been reading lately, I probably ought to sign up for this as well! But this is my first year doing any challenges, and not sure if I want to sign up for any more just yet. But I'm going to go check it out, thanks for cluing me in!