Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Monday! What are You Reading?

This certainly has been a crazy and fun week!  With Blog Fest last weekend and Blogmania this past week, it's been incredibly busy and incredibly amazing.  I am simply awed at the overwhelming support each of these events has created for all the blogs out there, and for myself too, and for the beatiful comments that were left.  I don't even have words to express it, and that's quite a feat, as I usually tend to have something to say for every occasion.  For all of my new followers, I hope you will stick around and see what is happening here in the next few months.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!!!!!   As it was, I got very little reading done this was past week, and I am starting to feel those little twinges of guilt as I look at my TBR pile.  I have made a vow to myself to put some time away each night to get some personal reading done so I hope I can stick to it.  But with two kids, a busy job, and a busy lifestyle, we'll see.

It's Monday! What Are You Reading is hosted by Sheila @ Book Journey.  It's a way of looking at what we have read, what we are reading, and what we plan on reading in the week ahead.  It's a good way to analyze that TBR pile and really look at what needs to be done.  It's also a nifty way to see what everyone has read/is currently reading.  Take a look and have fun!

What I finished this week:
The Geneva Deception by James Twining

What I am currently reading:
The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova
Dark Road to Darjeeling by Deanna Raybourn

I am truly enjoying both of these books right now (and I have set aside many other books in my eager anticipation to get to these ones) that I am just savouring them.

What I am planning to read:
Nevermore by Kelly Creagh
Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare
Within My Heart by Tamera Alexandra

What is everyone else reading this week?  I hope you had a better reading week than I did!!


  1. A good friend of mine read The Historian this summer. She said it took her longer to read than her usual books, but she enjoyed it very much.

    Enjoy your books this week!


  2. You have a good week coming up - enjoy the books and relax a bit before the October readathon :)

  3. What I really wanted to start reading was Little red and the wolf...however Barnes and Noble didn't have it and it is gonna take 5-7 days to get it...LOL (This after the guy told me it was requested out at 3 warehouses, so I don't forsee that happening too soon)
    I did however find a book called When Blood Calls by J.K. Beck, it looked like a pretty fun read which I'll do on my trip to Vegas this Thurday.
    I've already Read Lynsay Sands Born to Bite...Loved it...Can't wait until Nov. for her next one. And Kerrelyn Sparks, Eat Prey Love is at the top of the list on the 28th of the month.
    Then the mailman is going to be a sweetheart and bring Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens (won on Blogmania) So This book Junkie can hardly wait :)
    I hope everyone has a GREAT week!

  4. Neat blog...first- time visitor.

    Found you on Lori's Linky for SHOW ME THE MONEY. :)

    I am reading Almost Home by Pam Jenoff.

  5. I really need to get back to The Historian.

    You can see I'm in the middle of my research. Here's what I'm reading this week.

  6. I love your site. I'm also a first time visitor. Interesting list of books. I'll look forward to you review of The Geneva Deception. I've just started an interesting book called "Soul Mate" by Ronald Lewis Weaver. It's a fictional romance that celebrates a relationship that would, using conventional wisdom, be questionable. Hope it continues to rain so I can read, read, read!

  7. I am a new follower, too...this must be your day for new followers!!! I am reading and loving Rampant by Diana Peterfreund...I only like reading one book at a time...and I don't like audio books but I have a fast turnaround time!!!

  8. The Historian--that was a pretty good read! I just bought Clockwork Angel for bookclub. Not my normal read but looking forward to it :)