Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Upcoming Releases - July 19 - 25

The Rembrandt Affair (Gabriel Allon, Book 10)
by Daniel Silva
Release Date: July 20, 2010

It has been six months since Gabriel's showdown with Ivan Kharkov.  Now, having severed ties with the Office, Gabriel has retreated to the Cornish coast with only one thing in mind: healing his wife, Chiara, after he encounter with evil.  But an unspeakable act of violence once again draws Gabriel into a world of danger when an art restorer is brutally murdered and the newly discovered Rembrandt on which he is working taken.  Gabriel is persuaded to use his unique skills to trace the painting and those responsible for the crimes; but, as he investigates, he discovers there are terrible secrets connected to the painting, and terrible men behind them.  Before he is done, he will have undertaken a journey through some of twentieth century's darkest history - and come face-to-face with some of the same darkness himself.

A Brush With Death (Penny Brannigan Mystery, Book 2)
Elizabeth J. Duncan
Release Date: July 20, 2010

Penny Brannigan has inherited the cottage of deceased school teacher, Emma Teasdale, and is clearing out Emma's personal effects when she comes upon a packet of letters and discovers that Emma had a lesbian affair with a Liverpool artist in the 1960s.  The artist, Alys Jones, was killed in a hit and run accident in 1970.  An artist herself, Penny sets out to find who killed Alys, enlisting the help of her village friends.  Because Alys was wearing Emma's coat when she died, Penny wonders if it was a case of mistaken identity.  But when she visits an art exhibition at the Victoria Gallery and Museum and recognizes paintings by Alys, atributed to another artist, she believes art theft was at the heart of the case and that Alys' death was no accident.

Wanting Sheila Dead (Gregor Demarkian, Book 25)
by Jane Haddam
Release Date: July 20, 2010

Sheila Dunham is a gossip columnist's dream - she's famous, loud, and, to most who meet or see her, deeply offensive.  As a result, she's been fired from every job on television she's ever had - first as a serious journalist, then as a personality, finally as a reality show judge.  Now she's producing and hosting her own reality tv show and everyone's either afraid of her or hates her.  And everybody seems to want her dead.

After millions of dollars of jewels are stolen from her home, she is found beaten into unconsciousness, next to the murdered body of a local girl.  If nothing else, her show's ratings are going to improve.

Gregor Demarkian, a retired FBI agent, is already scheduled to appear on her show but he's now going to consult on the biggest murder case to hit that part of Connecticut since the Revolutionary War.  But how do you narrow down the suspects when the victim was hated by everyone?

Haunted Houses
Collection by Robert D. San Souci
Release Date: July 20, 2010

This is still one of my favourite genres.

A book serving up ten chilling tales about untraditional haunted houses: a mansion full of pirate treasure, a ghost trapped in a mysterious dollhouse, a boy whose vacation house comes complete with people-eating spiders, and many more.  But beware because not all of the protagnists in these stories get out alive.

Kimberly's Song (DC Gary Goodhew Mystery, Book 2)
by Alison Bruce
Release Date: July 22, 2010

(This book is also known as The Siren.)

All it took was one small item on the regional news for Kimberly Guyver and Rachel Golinski to know that their old life was catching up to them.  They wondered how they'd been naive enough to think it wouldn't.  They hoped they still had a chance to leave it behind - just one more time - but within hours, Rachel's home is burning and Kimberly's young son, Riley, is missing.

DC Goodhew begins to sift through their lives, and starts to uncover an unsettling picture of deceit, murder, and accelerating danger.  Kimberly seems distraught but also defensive and uncooperative.  Is it fear and mistrust of the police which are putting her son at risk, or darker motivations?

With Riley's life in peril, Goodhew needs Kimberly to make choices, but she has to understand, the one thing she cannot afford is another mistake.