Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blogmania Sponsor: Flax Designs

Flax Designs Shop

Welcome to another of my Blogmania Sponsors, Flax Designs, a wonderful Etsy shop, specializing in several different types of accessories such as pashmina and silk scarves, hair accessories, and wedding dresses.
The owner of Flax Designs, Martha, has been knitting, crocheting, drawing, and using a sewing machine since she was a young girl.  Take a look at some of the wonderful products she offers at her store.

Ivory Pashmina Scarf/Wrap/Shawl

Light Yellow Pashmina Scarf/Wrap/Shawl

Multi-coloured Pashmina Scarf/Wrap/Shawl

All of her her scarves are luxurious, with tassels at both ends, measuring 20 inches wide by 70 inches long.  The unique softness of its design makes them extremely comfortable to wear as a shawl, a scarf or a wrap.  The edges on the multi-coloured scarves are hand-woven to give them an extra-prettiness.  They work great as gifts for yourself or for anyone.  Brides and bridesmaids would love these light-weight and extra-comfortable scarves!

I am a scarf person and would love to own any of these bright, beautiful scarves!

Sky Blue Sheer Silk Scarf/Neck Wrap

This sheer scarf is perfect for summer, measures 21 inches wide by 71 inches long, and can be tied playfully around your neck, through your belt loops or in your hair for summer or spring fun wardrobe.  This beautiful scarf is on the TREASURY LIST.

For other colours check out Flax Designs.

You can also visit Flax Designs on:

BLOGMANIA TEASER:  One reader during the Blogmania event will have a chance to win an item from Flax Designs.  The item will not be revealed until closer to the Blogmania Event.


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