Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blogmania Sponsor: Elle Moss Photography

Hello everyone!  I would love to introduce you to another of my Blogmania sponsors.  Elle Moss Photography is a wonderful Etsy shop specializing in original, unique fine art photography prints and jewelry.  Her work has been published in many magazines, including the cover pages of Prism Magazine (June 2010) and Maeve Magazine (Winter 2010) as well as Marie Claire Italia and Parasol Mag to name a few.  Furthermore, you can see her work on several book covers such as Darker Than Midnight by Salvo Sottile (2010) and featured in many books such as Poetic Terrorism.  I am grateful that Elle has agreed to be part of my giveaway for Blogmania.

Elle Moss Photography

I had an extremely difficult time choosing some photographs to show you for this review as I really love her work.  I find her photographs fascinating and captivating and whimsical as she shows the world that self-portraits can have many faces, many different personalities, and a variety of identities, often hiding the true self.  Visions of Alice in Wonderland and Amelie kept running through my head as I was looking through her work and the grainy quality of some of them add to that imaginative, whimsical feel of her work, making you feel like you are in another world. 

Un-Dress (11" x 14")                     Spellbound (8" x 10")

Here are two photograps that I absolutely adore.  All of Elle Moss' work is printed on professional, acid free, archival paper that produces sharp details and luscious colours at a lab that works with professional photographers only.

                                     Marie (8" x 8")               I Think Its Gonna Rain (8" x 10")

Here are two other examples of her whimsical, self-portraits in their various moods.  Aren't they interesting? 

An Other (8" x 10")

And this one is my absolute favourite.  You can just feel the motions jumping from the photograph.  I spent a long time just looking at it and imagining the scene taking place.  The colours are so vibrant!!

Elle Moss has also partnered with jewelry maker Lori Patton of Heartworks by Lori whose gorgeous jewelry items can be found in museum gift shops.  Together, they have created some beautiful and amazing jewelry featuring Elle Moss' photography.  Take a look:

Lady Bird - Grande Luxe Art Photo Locket
Persuasion Art Pendant Necklace

Elle Moss Photography ships internationally.  For more information on her work, you can visit her at the following sites:

Etsy Shop: Elle Moss Photography

Her blog:  Elle Moss Photography

Facebook: Elle Moss Photography

BLOGMANIA TEASER: One of my lovely and amazing readers will win a signed print from Elle Moss Photography.