Thursday, January 20, 2011

Enquiring Minds Want to Know

I really enjoy this meme as it gives me a chance to talk about myself, something I don't often do.  I tend to be somewhat of a private person in nature, but I don't mind sharing SOME things about my life and what I like and dislike.  I do spend a lot of time on the computer, blogging and for work, and I do like reading other blog posts when people talk about their rants and raves and what they like to do or not do or when they do things that are embarrassing or funny.  It's always interesting to read the more personal sides to bloggers.

Enquiring Minds Want to Know

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Question #1:  What is the outside temperature where you are today?

It is a balmy -12 °C or 10 °F.   That is a lot better than the -21 °C  t was this morning, with a wind chill of -31°C.

Question #2:  Do you participate in any winter sports or hobbies like skiing or snowmobiling, etc?

I used to be an avid downhill skiier until I fell on a black diamond several years ago trying to be a good samaritan and wrecked my knee.  I have since had surgery and while my knee is healthy I am afraid to ski.  It's a psychological thing only and I probably just need to fall again in order to realize it was a once in a lifetime fluke, but I can't help feeling totally paranoid about the whole thing.  Sometimes the whole fall/scenario replays in my mind and it freaks me out.  My kids are also avid skiers, and we live within twenty minutes of two great ski hills and forty minutes from two others so my kids have been skiing since they were small.  They have been clamouring to go so I will just have to grit my teeth and tackle that hill again.  (with my eyes closed!!)

Question #3:  If you had to choose between a week long stay in a mountain lodge with lots of snow, activities, friends, food and beverages or a week alone on a deserted white sand island with just a bag of books and food and water which would you choose?

While the mountain lodge sounds appealing, the snow certainly doesn't anymore.  I'm sorry to say I would pack my bags, my books, and whatever else I needed and would be gone on the next flight out of here and be on the beach as soon as possible.  Alone?  Never a problem.  I am a mom with two kids and a demanding job.  Being alone for a week would be a gift and I would treasure it, even if I would miss my family terribly.   I have no problems being alone as long as I have my books.


  1. It's so cold there where you are. I haven't experienced that temperature before and I'm not ready to if ever. I certainly love warm weather especially in the beach *if it's going to be with my family/friends. :)

    It must be dreadful to watch or even know your kids are going for a ski. I can't even leave my sister of 8 yrs old to walk down the stairs alone. It's true.

    The sound of snow doesn't appeal to me, too but I could bear it as long as I'm with my family/friends. I literally can't be alone for a whole week. I'm not used to it.

  2. how cold! That definitely beats my 24 degrees. :) One of the gals I'm friends with is from Alaska, and she informed us in no uncertain terms that YES there is a GREAT difference between 0 degrees and 20 below. (some ignorant Southerners thought cold was just cold.)

    P.S. followed you here from Enquiring Minds. New Follower. How cute is your blog!

  3. It is really cold here today, up to -1 according to the temp on my computer. I totally agree on the island, peace and quiet and no worries for a week would be pure bliss!!!