Thursday, October 18, 2012

Guest Post: Melissa L. Webb

I am pleased to welcome Melissa L. Webb, author of Bell, Book, and Sandals (Maxie Duncan, Book 1).  She is here to promote her new novel which released in July of this year as well as to talk about the importance of imagination in our lives.  But first, take a look at a synopsis of her book.

Sometimes life can be a real witch.

Meet Maxie Duncan. Your average 23-year-old blonde. If you can call being wealthy, gorgeous, and knowing what the future holds at times, average.

After her fianc√© blindsides her with a breakup at their favorite restaurant, she leaves Maine for a shot at being Hollywood’s new ‘it girl.’ There’s only one problem. She’s never acted a day in her life.

When a big Hollywood director sends her packing, she realizes if she wants to stay in L.A., she may have to become a normal girl after all. But normal has never been in the cards for her. Strange things keep happening wherever she goes, a red-eyed shadow no one else sees is stalking her, and to top it off, she may be falling in love again, with either the bookish guy next door, or Hollywood’s hottest leading man.

But everything isn’t what it seems. Someone’s keeping secrets from her. Is it her new friends at the apartment building she moved into? Or is it Ryan Everheart, the actor who wants to sweep her off her feet? And why are her feet suddenly floating off the ground?

It’s enough to drive a girl insane. All Maxie wants to do is ride off into the sunset with her one true love and find a killer pair of Manolo Blahniks on the way. But how’s a girl supposed to focus on a love life and shopping when everywhere she turns someone or something is trying to kill her? 

By Melissa L. Webb

I exit the house.  It's late at night.  Darkness has already descended, greedily wrapping its arms around everything in its path.  Shadows dance around me, causing chills to flutter up and down my spine.  What is lurking behind the tree beside me?  Did something just slither in the dark void underneath my car?  Was that a burst of hot breath on the back of my neck?  Is something really out here with me or is it merely my imagination?

Imagination is one of the key building blocks in our society.  If not for imagination, we wouldn't have the technology, medicines, or scientific theories we have today.  Everything we do in life, whether we realize it or not, depends on imagination.

But what about those of us who have an overactive imagination?  Is there a downside to seeing every single possibility in this world and beyond?  Do the benefits out weigh the negatives?

Those of us with this kind of imaginations usually end up in some kind of a creative field.  It gives us a way to channel all the excessive thoughts and put them to good use.  I know if I couldn't focus on creating worlds, characters, and situations, I would go crazy from all the ideas bouncing around in my head.

My imagination is always working.  I call it "the People in the Attic."  There isn't a time when they're not up there chattering away about something.  I can walk into any room and see things which make them start hammering out fantastic back stories and ideas on how any one of those things could be the hero of its own adventure.

(Incidentally, they also point out every way a person could die in any given space.  I don't know if that's because I'm a horror writer, or if it's a OCD thing.  It's not the most pleasant of abilities either way. )

Writers get their ideas from their imaginations, (if only I could make it happen on demand) and the more active it is, the more ideas we get.  Having an strong imagination is a blessing to those of us who sip ideas like they're nectar from the gods.

But the downside is an overactive imagination never stops.  I lay awake at night, praying my mind will give me a few hours of peace so I can recharge for a new day.  But, no, up until the moment I am asleep, my mind’s whirling away.  It puzzles, ponders, and creates things without any help from me.  It doesn't matter that I have to be up in five hours and I could really use the sleep.  Imaginations don't care.  They just run free whenever they feel like it.

I saw a picture on Pinterest the other day I totally identified with.  (Here’s a link, if you want to check it out for yourself.)  It’s of a guy walking down the street and a bird is flying over head.  On the brick wall behind him is his shadow, who has a sword and is slaying the shadow flying overhead, which is now a dragon.  The caption reads, “My life is so much more interesting inside my head.”

I instantly connected with it because it’s true.  Thanks to my overactive imagination there is never a dull moment inside my head.  So, yeah, I might have a major insomnia problem, and I might always wonder what lurks in the shadows at night; but, I’m always thinking of new ideas, and seeing endless possibilities in everything.  (My four-year-old nephew adores me because of this.  To him, I am just a big kid.)

I love my overactive imagination and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  

About the Author :
Melissa L. Webb is a writer, dreamer, thinker, and a seeker.  She is an avid fan of anything paranormal. She loves to read and won’t be caught dead without some kind of book in her purse.  She is also a big fan of horror.  She has yet to find any movie or book that will scare her, however, she remains hopeful that one does exists out there. 

When she isn’t tutoring students, you’ll find her weaving words in a magical place, between the ocean and the redwoods, called Northern California,  and spending time being bossed around by her dog, Buffy. 


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  2. The book concept sounds good, Melissa, and a terrific post!