Sunday, February 12, 2012

Author Guest Visit & Giveaway: P.R. Mason

Curling Up By The Fire is pleased to welcome P.R. Mason, author of Entanglements, released September 30th, 2011. To enter the giveaway, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Accidentally opening a vortex sucks!

Fifteen-year-old Kizzy Taylor is just hoping for an evening of fun when she joins her friends in a spelunking expedition through an under-city tunnel. But fun turns bizarre when Kizzy accidentally opens a vortex and her stepsister is swept through to an evil alternate dimension. The only way to rescue her stepsister is to reopen the vortex and go in after her. But will Kizzy be able to return home?

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I'm so pleased to be here at Curling Up By The Fire today as part of the virtual tour release of my novel ENTANGLEMENTS. To celebrate, I hope you'll enjoy this flash fiction story:


 The root doctor said it would work. The love charm. I never believed in magic, or voodoo, or whatever, but I was desperate.

“Don’t fret so, Sarah,” Rayanne said to me as she twisted the steering wheel to avoid a cavernous pothole in the dirt road.

Gripping the armrest of my seat with one hand and the passenger door with the other, I prayed we wouldn’t careen off into the adjacent swamp. There were gators in there and I had a fear of being digested.

The headlights of her 2001 Taurus had little effect in the moonless night. Twin beams lost in the inky blackness of the low country South Carolina backwoods we traveled to reach Mama Leti, Rayanne’s grandmother and powerful member of the Gullah community. I wasn’t Gullah, but Rayanne knew me and Max and she thought...

“How does she make this charm?” I asked. Okay. Maybe I should have asked sooner. “I warn you, I get faint at the sight of blood. Well, not faint so much as unconscious.”

“There won’t be a lot of blood,” she replied. “Mama Leti’ll just make a small cut on the tip of your ring finger.”


“She’ll mix the blood with a special powder then put it into something like a locket or a key ring.”

My blood sacrifice would be for Max. Lately, he seemed to be acting strangely, like he couldn’t wait to find a wife. How could I expect him to stay single forever? He’d broken up with the latest girl-toy— the twenty-two year old bimbette—a month ago.

Max wouldn’t wait until I mustered up the nerve to approach him and say something like: “I know we’ve been best friends since we were five years old, but I’m in love with you.”

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About the Author:
P.R. Mason writes steamy contemporary and paranormal romance under the name Patricia Mason and young adult paranormal romance and urban fantasy as P.R. Mason. She escaped from the snowy Midwest winters of her youth by moving in 2001 to the strange and wonderful city of Savannah, Georgia to pursue her dream of being a novelist. Pat's background is eclectic. She was an Assistant District Attorney and for a number of years was the owner of an antique shop which was home to a number of ghosts.  Her home is ruled by two black cats, one of whom was rescued from the most haunted cemetery in the southeast.

Please visit . You can also follow the author @prmason on Twitter.

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  1. I'd love to enter, thank you. I like the idea of opening a vortex to a parallel world!!
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  2. I must have cut off my post when I sent it to you on The Love Charm story. The whole story is free on Smashwords at Thanks for letting me be here today. P.R. Mason

  3. This one sounds like my kind of read!! I'd love to be entered to win.

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