Friday, December 31, 2010

Follow Friday!!!

Follow Friday is a weekly blog hop hosted by Parajunkee's View.

Today's question is:  What are your new year's book blogging resolutions?

Review More Often:  I found myself caught up in the blogging itself and sort of lost track of why I really started the blog in the first place.  I've only been doing this for one year and I think I got caught up in other things rather than focussing on what I needed to focus on, which is my interest in books and authors themselves.  My blog sort of took on a life of its own and I'm not completely satisfied in the direction it's going, so I'm going to re-evaluate this year and see what I really want to do with it and where I want it to go.

Comment:  I'm a stalker/lurker rather than a commenter, unless I see something that really catches my eye.  My time is rather limited, but that's not really an excuse as I can comment more often than I do. 

Reviews:  I have been receiving a lot of requests for book reviews lately (and there have been some really good ones too), but realistically, I have a demanding job, two children, and a husband in the military.  I need to face facts and understand that I can't do it all and I will have to turn down some requests this year, or take on some blogging buddies to help with the reviews, something I've been considering.  I also need to focus more on these on my blog, although I enjoy the memes as they're fun and I get to do something different.  Due to the nature of my job, I have to be somewhat guarded in what I write so I like some of the memes where I can talk about myself and reveal a little about myself.  I always find these posts interesting on other blogs.

It's time to relax:  It's a book blog and the books aren't going anywhere.  In fact, the pile just keeps on getting bigger so I know there's no chance it's going anywhere, much to my hubby's chagrin.  I think he's hoping with the ereader, the books will go 'bye-bye', but I highly doubt that will ever happen. 

Organization:  I'm usually pretty organized, but lately things have gotten out of control, so I have set up a calendar now which works a lot better than the old spreadsheet I've been using. 

More author interviews: I enjoy these, but haven't done as many as I would have liked due to other committments.  I plan to remedy that this year.

Have a happy new year everyone!!


  1. Some good goals that I myself need to do as well.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Happy New Year. Some of these goals are similar to mine. Good luck! Your are right about that TBR pile -- I never gets any smaller.

  3. New follower from Follow Friday. A lot of what you said are things I need to work on too, especially the organization part! Happy New Year!

  4. Hoppin on by, good luck with your resolutions!
    I need to comment more on those I stalk as well instead of just lurking in the shadows.
    Have a wonderful and safe New Years!

  5. I love your blog. I'm a new follower. Happy New Year.

    Check out my Follow Friday answer.

  6. I think I need to dedicate more time to writing reviews. I get so behind in my writing.
    Happy New Years!
    My Hop

  7. Wishing you a lovely New Year darling.