Thursday, December 16, 2010

Favourite Toy Ever? According to Poll

A local rock station I love to listen to, Rock95, had a great debate tonight about the greatest toy ever.  It was fascinating and interesting to listen to the arguments and debates as to what people considered their favourite toy when they were children.  I laughed hysterically over some some of the arguments and debates, but it certainly brought back some fond memories of my childhood and even brought back some reminders of toys I'd forgotten about completely.  Apparently the debate was over an online poll of 3000 who listed these items as their top 20 favourite toys of all time.  Take a look:


1. Lego
2. Scalextric
3. Monopoly
4. Nintendo Wii
5. Bicycle
6. Play Doh
7. Barbie
8. Action Man
9. Etch-A-Sketch
10. Crayola Crayons
11. Rubik's Cube
12. Space Hoppers
13. Twister
14. Scrabble
15. Jigsaw puzzle
16. Snakes and Ladders
17. Connect Four
18. Plasticine
19. Yo-Yo
20. Clue

So, what do you think about this list?  I have to agree with Lego and Barbie, and they're still pretty tops in my house.   Nintendo WII though?  I think I would have put Atari there instead as the founder of all video games.  Anyone remember Donkey Kong?  And what about Meccano?  And to be honest, I had to look up number 2 as I had no clue what it was.   

The jigsaw puzzle I still do on occasion if I can find one over 3000 pieces or one that looks really challenging, and my mom said I always gravitated towards puzzles even as a young child.  When I can find the time, I find them challenging and peaceful.  And now my daughter likes to help me do them.  And the Rubik's Cube?  Well, I took off all the stickers and put them back on the right way in order to succeed at that puzzle as I could never figure it out.  I always had two colours that were in the wrong spot and it would frustrate me to no end.  So, I cheated!!!  Yes, I will admit it to anyone who is reading this: I cheated!!   I don't believe I ever told anyone that I was successful at that puzzle though; after all, I do have some integrity (lol). 

And the space hopper?  Didn't know that it was actually the real name for the toy until I looked it up.  I don't really know what we called it, actually. 

Are those things even safe?  I can see some front teeth coming off with that toy.  But wasn't it fun to hop around on those things?

And Barbie and Lego?  What is there to say about those toys except I hope they are never taken off the shelf.  Go Lego!!  It gave me thousands of hours of playing pleasure as a child, and it amuses my children endlessly today.  Keep up the great work!

While I agree with some of these toys, I do think some toys are missing from that list.  Where is Meccano?  GI Joe?  Hot Wheels?  I loved Meccano and played with the set at my memere's for hours on end.  We used our imaginations and created some pretty amazing things.  And wasn't it fun to smash up some Hot Wheels?  I don't think that ever got boring.  Oh, where's Slinky on that list?  I still remember crying when my Slinky got tangled up and I had to throw it in the garbage.  What a tragedy that day was!  And Tonka trucks?  And LiteBrite?  I don't know where to stop.

What toy do you think is missing from the list?  One that you think should be there.  Let's share and see what favourite toy you think should make it on the top 20 list and why it should be there.  Let's take a trip down memory lane.


  1. You nailed it, slinky, how is that not on the list. I just found the wire ones and got 6 to give to kids but guess what, it is not as wide as ours so doesn't go down regular steps, but a few shoe boxes or storage boxes and it works amazing well. My 3 year old was thrilled and what fun to play with her.

    Barbies and Lego

    I also would have said Atari, funny.

    I don't remember ever playing or seeing anyone with the space hoppers. Missed teeth for sure, its funny that your picture actually as missed teeth, lmao

    Great post, that was fun to go down memory lane.