Monday, November 15, 2010

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Today is my 13th wedding anniversary!  The problem with the whole wedding anniversary thing is that I actually remembered LAST WEEK instead of TODAY.  I don't know what happened, although I think I'm starting to see those signs of aging that I'm in complete denial over, as I completely forgot about my OWN anniversary.  All day today I had this feeling that there was something important I was missing about today.  You know how you have that inkling that you have forgotten something important, but can't quite put your finger on it?  So, I was sitting there at the end of the day, and I don't know what quite triggered the reaction, but I all of a sudden remembered why today was so important.  As I yelled out, "It's my anniversary today", I think my colleagues thought I'd finally lost it.  I am in dire need of a holiday.  Maybe the '13th' should have been enough of a warning.

When my lovely and amazing hubby walked through the door today, I ran over as usual to kiss him, and told him we forgot about something important today.  His response?  "The sour cream!"  We had forgotten to buy the sour cream for the tacos we were supposedly making for supper tonight and he wanted to make sure I knew about it before I started making the meat filler, as you know tacos can not possibly be eaten without sour cream!!!!!!!  I just looked at him and burst out laughing.  It was then he realized about the anniversary too.  At least I didn't have to hit him over the head or anything. 

I just can't believe we forgot something so important.  Has anyone else been in these shoes before?  I think those report cards hit me harder than I thought (lol). 

It's Monday!  What Are You Reading is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey.  It's a great way to organize that ever-growing TBR pile and take a look at what you read, what you are currently reading, and what really needs to be read next.  I look upon it as a great opportunity to discover new blogs and new friends and to see what else is out there in the publishing world.  If you haven't yet participated, why not take a look and see what's happening?  You may even win a prize from Sheila's goodie box.

What I read Last Week:
The pickings are pretty slim here as work has been crazy lately and I haven't had much time to really sit down and read as much as I've wanted to.  I've been feeling a little guilty as I really need to catch up and get some serious reading done. 

The Sherlockian by Graham Moore - An interesting who-dun-it, taking reading between two time periods in the search for Arthur Conan Doyle's long-lost diary.

Island Sting - A young adult tale that was my feature book for the Green Books Campaign.  I learned a lot about the Florida Keys Deer as an endangered species; it was enlightening.

What I am Currently Reading:

The Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare - Love, love, love this book!  Did I say I love this book?

The Emperor's Tomb by Steve Berry - What's not to like about Cotton Malone?  I'm really hoping there is some romance in store for Cotton; it's been a long time coming.

What I Plan on Reading Next:

Nightshade by Andrea Cramer

Last Exit in New Jersey by C.E. Grundler

The Vespertine by Saundra Mitchell

What is everyone else reading?  Happy reading everyone!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I have the Sherlockian on my shelf and I cannot wait. Have a lovely Anniversary and a wonderful week. My Monday:

  2. Happy Anniversary! I laughed at your story - sounds like something my husband and I would do! Sometimes we watch a movie we've seen before and don't realize it until the end!

    My 16-year old and I started Clockwork Angel on audio a while back, but we haven't had a chance to listen to more in a long time now.

    Enjoy your books this week!


  3. Happy Anniversary!

    I tried to bring Nightshade home today, but when I went to check it out, it was already on hold for someone else! I tried to tell them possession is 9/10ths but it did not work LOL! Enjoy.

  4. Happy Anniversary! I forgot my own birthday this year (and so did my entire family) till halfway through the day off when I logged onto FB.

    I am currently reading the Sherlockian and so far it has me entertained so we will see how it continues to do.

  5. Happy Anniversary! I've almost been married 13 years - a few more weeks! (written in really large letters on my calendar) ;) Happy reading this week!

  6. I think the Sherlockonian sounds so good! Thanks for the great books for me to drool over :)

  7. How funny! Happy belated anniversary!

    Oh - and I totally agree... tacos are nothing without sour cream!

  8. Whoohoo on your anniversary! I haven't read any of those books but they sound good.

  9. Added your button to the top of my blog as you're one of my favourite blogs. :)

  10. Thank you ComaCalm, how lovely!

    Thanks everyone for the anniversary wishes! My hubby and I have been laughing endlessly about the situation, but that's one of the reasons I married him in the first place, he makes me laugh!!

  11. That was a great story! Haha :) Thanks for the book reviews, I live in NJ so I'm going to have to check out the Last Exit in New Jersey.