Thursday, June 10, 2010

Book Blogger Hop

It's time for another HOP!

If you are interested in playing along, head on over to Crazy for Books,
sign up, and visit as many blogs as you like.  It's a great way to
meet new friends, discover some fantastic blogs, and just generally
join in a very supportive and fabulous community.  Oh, and you
also get to talk about BOOKS!

I am away at Prom tomorrow night; not mine as those days are long gone,
but I just wanted to mention that it may take me a few days to visit
everyone's site.  I'll be busy blowing up balloons, playing with the helium machine, 
decorating the hall, and getting ready for a group of very
excited high school students.

Oh, the drama of prom!!  I'm sure it was a big deal when I
was in school, but to be honest I just don't really remember. 
Isn't it amazing how we forget things like that?  
Especially as I'm sure it was such a big deal at the time.


  1. Have fun at Prom :) Takes you back, doesn't?

    Anyway, just stopping by for Blogger Hop! Have a great weekend.

  2. Just hopping by to say "hello" and hope you are having a fun filled weekend!!!

    Happy Reading!!!

  3. Have fun at the prom you're chaperoning. I didn't go to my prom. Happy Friday. Pussreboots.

  4. From the Hop to the Prom. Looks like you are reading some interesting books. Folly's cover is particularly intriguing.
    I review and comment on PNR, UF,the Supernatural and paranormal wherever I might find it from books to garden gnomes.
    Find me at

  5. Love the blog! Found you on the hop.

  6. ohhh prom! how fun :) have a great time chaperoning!

    found you through the blog hop. just stopping by to wish you happy reading this weekend.

    Michelle and Leslie's Book Picks

  7. I think prom is a much bigger deal now - all the limos and expensive hair and such.