Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

A weekly event hosted by J. Kaye Book Blog where we share with our readers what we are currently reading, what we have read, and what we are intending to read.

Last week I read:

1) Death of a Witch by MC Beaton
The latest intallment by MC Beaton has Hamish MacBeth trying to solve the murder of a woman known for selling 'potions' that increase men's prowess in the bedroom. It's a battle of the sexes that reveals many secrets and embarrassing issues that villagers would have preferred to have kept behind closed doors.

2) The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
I absolutely loved this book and am looking forward to reading book 2 which is sitting in my TBR pile. Book 3 is coming out soon as well.

3) Wake by Lisa McMann
Janie can see the dreams of those around her, but when she suddenly becomes a participant, she must learn to control the dreams before they control her. A wonderful read, with book 2, Fade, also in my TBR pile.

4) The Devouring by Simon Holt
When the Vours take over her younger brother, Reggie is forced to do whatever she can to get him back. It was an interesting read and I am looking forward to reading book 2.

To be read this week:

1) True Blue by David Baldacci
I meant to get around to this one this week, but kept getting distracted by other books.

2) Fade by Lisa McMann

3) Soulstice (Book 2 of The Devouring) by Simon Holt

4) Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider by Ellen C. Maze
What if your novel attracts the wrong kind of attention - and an age-old evil turns out to be all too real? (From back of book) I got this as a review copy in the mail, and turns out it is about vampires. I am excited to read this one.

I had one of those rare moments lately where I stayed up too late to finish a book. I haven't done that since the summer when I was on holidays and while it's great to do, I'm totally exhausted today. I need to learn to put those books away at an early hour, BUT IT"S SO HARD TO DO!!!!


  1. I can't wait to read the Hunger Games - I've heard so many good reviews about it. And it looks like you've got lots of great reading to do this week too!

  2. I have the Wake, Fade, Gone series on my TBR list and also Hunger Games.

    Here is my post.

  3. Glad you enjoyed The Hunger Games. I need to get to True Blue too. Have a great reading week.

  4. I love Lisa McMann! Have fun reading this week!!

  5. I have to read The Hunger Games, everyone who reads that book loves it! Have a great reading week!