Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Follow Blog Hop

Hi everyone! I haven't participated in any of these for quite a long time and I thought it was time to join in the fun again.  I have an extremely busy schedule and I don't usually have time to be really social, much to my everlasting regret, but today I am visiting family and a few extra minutes to play.  And for those doubters and skeptics, I really am not running away from my family.  Really!!  Take a few minutes and visit Parajunkee's View and see what this is all about. 

Question: Do you have anyone that you can discuss books with IRL? Tell us about him/her.

I have always enjoyed discussing books with my sister.  She is an avid reader, actually both of them are, but I see one sister more than the other as we live closer to each other.  No matter where we are, we always tend to turn the discussion around to books at some point.  Once we've exhausted the other subject most often discussed, our jobs, as we are both teachers.  Teachers can talk about their jobs night and day, so we like to talk about books as they have always been our escape.  And we can talk about them for as long as we talk about our jobs, which is pretty much forever, much to my husband's chagrin.  We sometimes have different tastes, but that's what makes it so interesting as she will mention books I have not yet read, and vice versa.  You know what though, I can talk about books to about anyone who can stand listening to me!!!

Happy reading everyone, and have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Stephanie, thanks for stopping by my blog. I should stop by yours more often, heck everyones more often, but I'm one of those annoying people who read all the posts in the ereader. It's kind of impersonal but far easier than going blog to blog I suppose. Anyhow...
    Where IRL is concerned I'm on a tiny deserted island all by myself hence part of the reason I blog as it's an outlet to share my opinions and humor in relation to what I have read.

  2. Hopping through. You're so lucky to have a sister who loves to read - so lucky to have a sister at all (I'm an only child)
    My Hop
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  3. Hey Stephanie,
    Thx for visiting me. I would love to have a sister that read the same books! You lucky girl. Have fun at the wedding. The blog looks wonderful, I wish I had more time to visit all the blogs on a regular basis. Best of luck to ya!
    See ya,
    Readaholics Anonymous

  4. Hi everyone, I wish I had more time to visit all the blogs as well. Sometimes I feel so neglectful and it's not because I want to, but my regular day job often takes precedence over my blogging life. And so does my family!

  5. Hopping by to say hello! What a gorgeous blog you have! I love it!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by Cafe of Dreams! Have a great weekend!

  6. Sounds great to have a sister you can talk to :)
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog