Thursday, April 14, 2011

Enquiring Minds Want to Know

Hi everyone!  I really enjoy this meme, hosted by Dollycas's Thoughts, as I get to share some personal information with all of you that I don't really get to discuss with my usual posts.  It's fun and interesting and different.  Blogging is such a small part of my world, and I don't have time to post all of the really interesting things that make up my life every day, but one of the things on my bucket list is to start a blog that is completely different from a reading blog, one that features all of the funny and unusual anecdotes that make up my day.  Perhaps when I retire?  In about 200 years from now?

1. How often do you go to the hair salon or the beauty parlour?

I have really curly hair and it's long, so it's not as imperative for me to go every three months unless I have highlights.  As I don't currently have highlights right now, I tend to put it off until I absolutely need to go.  I enjoy going as I like having my head massaged.  I know that seems weird, but my hairdresser used to be a massage therapist.  She has an injury that prevents her from doing her regular job full-time, so she supplements her job with hairdressing.  The head message is unbelievable and really relaxes me. 

2.  Have you ever had a massage?

Every month.  When I ran six days a week, I found as I got older my body couldn't handle the constant pounding and marathon training pretty much killed me, so I turned to a massage therapist for help.  She was a miracle worker and worked out all of the kinks every month.  It's amazing how tightly wound up we can get, and type A personality that I am, I especially feel it around my upper back and neck.  I especially loved it when I was pregnant.  Now I take my children regularly and they enjoy it too.  As they are pretty involved in the martial arts, with my daughter also doing gymnastics, it's good for them to learn how to relax and it makes them feel good.  And if insurance pays, why not?

3.  Have you ever been able to enjoy a full day of pampering at the spa?

Absolutely!  Love it!  Can't wait to do it again!  It makes you feel so good (and hubby likes it when I come home all relaxed, as well!!!).

In a related question to last week’s–

I was reading the other day a quote from JFK Jr who said on the death of his mother, that she died surrounded by family, friends, and her books. Apparently, Jackie’s books were very much a part of HER, her personality, her sense of self.

Up until recently, people could browse your bookshelves and learn a lot about you–what your interests are, your range of topics, favorite authors, how much you read (or at least buy books).

More and more, though, this is changing. People aren’t buying books so much as borrowing them from the library. Or reading them on their e-readers or computers. There’s nothing PHYSICAL on the shelves to tell strangers in your home, for better or worse, who you ARE.

Do you think this is a good thing? Bad? Discuss!

The people who know me best already know about my addiction for reading.  When visitors come to my house, they always comment on my bookshelves as they are always overflowing and I can never seem to get a handle on the organization part of things.  People will definitely know I am an eclectic reader, there is no doubt in my mind as I have every type of genre sitting on my bookshelf in no particular order.  While I have an e-reader, it will never replace the physical pleasure I get from handling books.  I hope that people will think I am well-read as I have everything from popular fiction to historical fiction to classics to non-fiction sitting on my shelves.  In the long run, the shelves are for me and not for others. They also contain momentos and pictures from all of my travels and my family.   I will also continue to frequent libraries as I adore them and can lose myself there for hours.  It's like a home away from home, and a library has always been a safe spot for me, other than my own home, of course. 

What do your bookshelves say about you?


  1. Head massages feel so good. I have so nice scars from my accident under my hair but have finally found a hair stylist that isn't afraid to touch them and it feels soooooooooooooooooooo good!!

  2. My bookshelves say that I will read anything smart, funny, and anything that is a conversation starter. They advertise my love of reading and of the physical book. I can understand the convenience of ebooks from both and author's and reader's perspectives, but a physical book to me is like a friend. I'd like to see them from time to time, even if we only exchange a quick glance and a smile.
    As for head massages and haircuts...I'll do anything for a head massage, and a regular haircut is a MUST. My hair is extremely thick and wavy, and must be tamed from time to time.
    I can see my heroine in KAFE CASTRO sitting in your hairdresser's chair getting a head massage as she sips a kamikazee and enjoys the princess treatment, while planning her night out. Who will she go home with this time? Salami Breath? the Cristal Pimp? the Gay Dancer? or will it be the Military Guy who swears he's not hitting on her because he's engaged, but wearing a WEDDING BAND?
    Cheers KAFE style!

  3. Your heroine, Christina, is my kinda gal!!!