Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

What Are You Reading? is hosted by Sheila at One Person's Journey Through a World of Books.  It's a great way to keep track of what you read, what you are currently reading, and think about what you need or want to read in the week ahead.  It's also a fantastic way to network and see what everyone else is reading.

I didn't really get a lot of reading done in the past few weeks; marking and doing reports has kept me pretty busy, and my son and daughter's First Communion on Sunday also required a lot of work.  I should hopefully have more time during the next few weeks to catch up on some much needed reading and relaxation time.

This is what I read last week:

Heresy by S.J. Parris
You can read my review here.

Dead and Kicking (Book 3, Ghost Dusters Series)
by Wendy Roberts
Read my review here.

Ten Little Kittens
by Marian Harris
Illustrated by Jim Harris
Read my review here.

I am currently reading:

by Laurie Halse Anderson

The Golden Spiral (Book 2)
by Lisa Mangum

Up next:

Vampire Theory
by Lily Caracci


  1. You have a wide range of books in your reading list! I like the cover of Vampire Theory. That is enough to make me want to read it. LOL

    Happy reading!

  2. Vampire Theory's cover grabs you! I hope you enjoy your reads...

  3. You have quite an intriguing line-up! Happy reading tis week. My Monday:

  4. Heresy has a fantastic cover! Your books look great and I hope you enjoy them all :D

  5. Beautiful covers.Hope the insides are as good.

    Have a great reading week!

  6. Wintergirls looks like it would be an amazing read if that cover is anything to go by and I have Vampire Theory on my TBR list! Good books all around!

  7. Wonder what you think about Wintergirls. It was such a hard and emotional read for me. So can't wait for your review.

  8. I love the cover for Dead and Kicking, makes it look like a funny read. I did finally suck it up and seriously pare down what I have out of the library. I went from 40 items out to 10. Hopefully I keep my stuff down.