Sunday, April 4, 2010

Getting to Know You

This is a fun weekly meme hosted by Welcome to the Land of Mann that explores some of the things we don't know about each other.  There are a series of questions you have to answer each week...and you have to answer them honestly.  Then link your answers back to her site.  Have fun with them.

1) Showers or baths?

Showers, definitely.  I hate baths.  I can never get comfortable in a tub and only use a tub for...well, this is a g-rated website so we'll just leave it at that.

2)  Do you have any crazy urges?

I am totally scared of heights, yet when I stand on top of tall buildings I often think about what would happen if I suddenly just jumped off.  I have no suicidal tendencies or anything, but it does go through my mind.  My mom said when I was little I was never scared of anything so I don't know why this scares me now.  I make myself look over the sides of buildings and I enjoy the views, but I have yet to stand on the see-through panels of the CN Tower;  it just freaks me out.

3)  What is one thing we don't know about you?

Wow, where do I start?  I like to watch reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I eat melted cheese off the plate, am practically addicted to the stuff.  I sleep with a night light on, yet I am not scared of the dark.

4) it or hate it?

Absolutely love it.  I get an adrenaline rush from running that can't be matched with anything else (almost). 

5)  Do you think you have a good body image?

No.  But what girl does?  I eat well, exercise, and drink a lot of water.  That should be what matters.  And I am trying to impress that upon my daughter too.

6)  Flour or corn tortillas?

Doesn't matter.  It's what goes inside that matters.  I'm getting hungry just thinking about it as I love Mexican food.

7)  How do you celebrate Easter?

Egg hunt...dinner...visit everywhere...have chocolate.

8)  Hard-boiled Easter eggs or plastic eggs?

Depends on my mood.  I prefer the hard-boiled ones as I am environmentally aware, but when I get a case of the lazies like I did this year, I went out and bought them, although I made sure they were recyclable.


  1. This is a fun post - the melted cheese comment cracks me up. :)