Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Day Started With A Bang!

You know the day is not going to go well when the first thing that happens in the morning is you look at your alarm clock and realize that you overslept by 20 minutes. All I remember is throwing the bedcovers off, jumping out of bed, then standing there in paralyzing fear wondering what to do next as everything, including all the blood in my body (which is quite a feat as I'm standing up) goes rushing to my head! Twenty minutes is a lifetime for me, with a shower to go, breakfast, two kids to get ready for school, and three lunches to make. My husband is no help as he is gone by 6:20. The military has a lot of benefits, but early morning help from my husband is not one of them as he has to leave even earlier than I do. I'm wondering if sitting on the floor at this point and having a good cry would even help. But as moms around the world do, we gather ourselves together, give our heads a shake, and get moving, FAST! As miracles go, I managed to get the three of us out the door only five minutes later than usual. I probably should have done the snowpants, hats, lunches, and gloves check before I left the house, but some things can't be helped. Thanks goodness everything was accounted for or that long-held back cry would have happened on the way to school. I could not have a classroom full of teenagers asking me why I looked like a raccoon at eight o'clock in the morning. It was so not going to happen.

Luckily, the day went much better than the morning. On my way home from work, I discovered a used bookstore I did not know existed and well, spent way too much money. Some people drown their sorrows many different ways. Go books go!


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