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Review: Twist Me by S.K. Pryntz

by S.K. Pryntz
Release Date: February 14, 2024
2024 SK Narrations LLC
Ebook ARC: 310 Pages
ISBN: 979-8989152520
Genre: Fiction / NA Romance / Harem
Source: Review copy from author
3.75 / 5 Stars
My Thoughts
Twist Me is the first book in the Asylum Devils Trilogy and while it had some really great elements, there were times when I was shaking my head wondering how we went from y to z without more explanation or background information.  

First of all, I really enjoyed the actual story line and wish it had been more developed; Ezello going undercover into the asylum was quite interesting and I would have liked that whole scenario to be explained in greater detail with a lot more development.  There were some interesting secondary characters involved in the story who could have been used to further develop the story line rather than just for sexual reasons.  I wasn't opposed to the sexual stuff, but when that is all a character is useful for in a story, it kind of leaves a bad feeling in my gut as people are so much more than that.  The plot did move along quickly, and told from alternating POV between Ezello and Goliath, it was easy to follow and see both sides of the story.  

Goliath, Pharoah, and Judas were certainly devilish characters and I adored them, but that doesn't mean I always adored their behaviour.  I would think that Ezello would have a major concussion considering the amount of times she got slammed against a wall by one of them.  The brothers go from being angry to sexual play rather quickly and to me, it was a form of dominance, not playful at all.  But my criticism doesn't stem from that, more about the reasons why they switch back and forth which wasn't clear at all. Throughout the story though, they go from being bullyish to supportive and I am not sure how or why the behaviour changed. Was is simply because they understood Goliath was falling in love? That didn't make sense though as they were prepared to cut off Goliath from their pact if he chose her over them.  

The spice in the novel was fun and definitely a wild ride, no pun intended.  Again, I would have liked it better if everything had slowed down a bit and the plot and characters delved into a bit more.  But, man, I will never look at a carnival setting the same way again!!

Twist Me was a fun, easy, twisted read, and if you like unhinged men, then this one is for you.  I would recommend you check your trigger warnings before reading this book; for me, maybe because I read so much horror, I didn't find the TWs that bad.  Overall, the book did feel rushed,  I thought the character development wasn't overly complex, and there were plot elements that didn't quite make sense or you were just supposed to accept them as they occurred, and that is not something that I can overlook.  If you are looking for a quick and smutty read, then this one is for you. I will definitely be picking up book two when it is released as the ending for this one had me reeling. 


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