Monday, November 6, 2023

Review: Santa vs. Satan: Extreme Horror by D.W.Hitz

by D.W. Hitz
Release Date: November 3, 2023
2023 Fedowar Press LLC
Ebook Edition; 185 Pages
ISBN: 978-1956492392
Genre: Fiction / Extreme Horror
Source: Review copy from author

4.5 / 5 Stars

All Danny Robinson wants for Christmas is a drone to help make his first horror movie. He has a few friends who can join him if they survive the holiday season. What Satan's general wants is a way to bring her army to Earth. But is Christmas the best time for world domination? What Santa wants is a new Mrs. Claus. Some of that old bedroom magic's gotten a little mundane, and her elf pot pie isn't as good as it used to be.

Can Danny get his drone, or will Satan run free? And will Santa be able to save Christmas or be stuck with the same old pie?

Santa Vs. Satan is EXTREME HORROR containing graphic SEX, VIOLENCE, and GORE. 
My Thoughts
Santa vs. Satan is the fourth installment in the Custer Falls Extreme Horror series, and will definitely take you on a bloody and depraved ride, one from which you will never view Santa Claus the same way again.  I have not read the previous books in this series, but it didn't seem to matter as I had no trouble understanding what was happening. 

For such a short book, this was a complex story, well-written, fast-paced, full of fascinating characters, and a fantastic plot. At first, I had no idea how the characters connected to each other, but as the book progressed, it all made sense.  Because the story focuses a lot on body horror as well as graphic sex, the story does revolve around some pretty depraved and graphic descriptions around different scenarios involving all the characters, including Santa.  So many vile images that will take a while to get out of my head.  

I don't think I've ever read a book with such a vile Santa before, one who is looking for a new Mrs. Claus, and who brutalizes his elves and other workers with such ease and contempt. And poor Danny, all he wanted was a drone so he could film an amateur horror film with his friends, but got caught up in the depravity because he went where he should not have gone, against his instincts. If there is a lesson in this story, don't go where you should not go and if it's glowing and it looks like a pentagram, stay the hell out.  

Santa vs. Satan has definitely ruined by childhood version of Santa, but this was such a fun and twisted read.  The dual story lines blended seamlessly, coming together in an epic showdown that I couldn't even guess the resolution, with supernatural elements, rituals, monsters, and a conclusion I loved, made this a book you will want to read if you love extreme horror.  I have read worse when it comes to extreme, but it was the writing style that made it so epic.



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