Tuesday, April 15, 2014

M is for Marathons

My Favourite Things: M is for Marathons

One of the things I was addicted to, other than reading, was running.  Every day, I would run at least 5 kilometres, more along the lines of 10-15 with a good long run on Sunday mornings around 30 kilometres.  I tend to have this thing with obsessions and I don't ever do anything half-measure; once I take on a task, I do it full out, full steam ahead.  Reading is probably my longest addiction, running comes a close second.  There is nothing in the world, okay except for a couple of unmentionable things (this blog is family friendly after all) like it.  I can remember a few times, after a hard week at work, not being able to get in my run, my husband would meet me at the door with my running shoes in one hand and my shorts and t-shirt in the other hand, begging me to go for a long run and "get IT out of my system." 

And I'll be honest with you, there were days, many of them, when running was a chore and I spent the entire day either talking myself into going for a run, and then talking myself out of going for a run.  The conflict was never-ending, day after day.  I have spoken with a lot of other runners and they all have the same stories to tell.  Once I am out the door though, I could keep going and going and going.  And rain!!!! Bring it on!!!  I can remember being at work, watching the rain, longing to put on my runners and just go out the door.  There were a few close calls where I didn't actually use common sense, and ran into a few difficulties with thunderstorms and such, and had to bail in different stores and call my hubby to come pick me up, dripping and soaking wet.  And then I would get the lecture about safety and whatnot, but that didn't stop me, ever. Even now, it's raining, and I am longing to go out and run, but I can't.  Why not, you ask?

Several years ago I destroyed my knee in a skiing mishap, pretty much tearing every ligament
possible.  After ACL surgery and having scraped a lot of scar tissue out of there, the knee isn't doing too well, running wise at least.  Runners will understand the frustration of not being able to run as there is really no other sport that replaces the "high" that running gives runners and I have not been satisfied with any other sport.  While driving my son to an activity the other morning, I saw a bunch of runners running a 5k race and for the first time in a while, I wanted to be out there with them.  So perhaps I'll give it one more go this summer and see if I can get myself back in running shape and see if my knee will hold up to the strain of running.  I'll have to hit the treadmill first, then try outside, but perhaps one more chance will do it.  Wish me luck, everyone!!  Perhaps I'll run that marathon again one day!!


  1. I've never gotten into the running scene, but I walk a lot each day, and I get in swimming five days a week, maybe six. And I'll get in some rock climbing as well during the season. It's been awhile for that... winter gets taken up with cross country skiing though.