Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First Chapter - The Unincorporated Woman

My life has been so crazy lately that I haven't had the time to post nearly as often as I would like, or to write those fun and interesting posts that I think about all the time, but I did find this at Bibliophile by the Sea as I was browsing today and I thought it would be fun to try.  As a reader who always skims the first few paragraphs of a book to see if I would be interested in reading it, I decided to participate and I will not be susprised if I add a few more books to my wish list as I browse other sites.  I have been known to read entire chapters in bookstores because of those enticing first paragraphs and then just have to buy the book.  Anyone else have this problem?

Here's today's book:

The Unincorporated Woman by Dani Kollin & Eytan Kollin

Fleet Admiral J.D. Black, commander of the Outer Alliance Navy, unofficial leader of the Astral Awakening and hated adversary of the United Human Federation, barged into Justin Cord's office, gave a perfunctory salute and let loose with a hail of pent-up fury.

"You son of a bitch." She seethed, lips curled back into a half-scarred face feared equally by enemy and ally alike.  "It isn't enough I've had to lead your damned excuse for a navy to more victories than anyone had a right to expect?" J.D. held up her hand, not bothering to wait for an answer.  "Or," she added as short, measured bursts of air escaped through her flared nostrils, "that I took a fleet of mine haulers and pleasure yachts and turned it into a feared and effective military force? Defeated enemies who outnumber us in every single battle not once but time and time again?"  J.D. shook her head in disgust at the lack of response.  The tempest she felt burning within leapt from her dark, penetrating eyes as if daggers flung from an assassin.  "Do you have any idea," she hissed, "how volatile the religious situation has become?  How easy it would be for me to let them all slip right back into their violent and monolithic past?"  She paused, waiting, but again there was nothing.  "I haven't let that happen, Justin...I won't let that happen.  But is that good enough for you, Mr. One Free Man?  Obviously not - otherwise you wouldn't have done this.  Why," she pleaded, " did you even have to?  Don't you see, Justin?  I was never meant to be here.  I'm just a corporate lawyer, for God's sake.  This supposed gift I have...leading spacers into battle.  Dumb luck...dumb..."  The words languished in her mouth like the last few drops of a stream succumbing to a winter's frost.  "But, guess what?" she rejoined. "Lightning doesn't strike twice.  I've found the things I'm good at," she scoffed, "but does that even matter to you?" She let out a deep breath, shook her head wearily, then let it drop between her shoulders.  "They need me to lead them, Justin. They need me to lead them all. What am I supposed to do now?" she pleaded, slumping backwards into the closest available seat.  A moment later, J.D. lifted her head and with eyes as deep and vacant as space, stared across at the untouched desk and empty chair of the assassinated President, waiting for an answer that would never come.