Monday, June 13, 2011

Contest: Hounds of Heaven (Win a Kindle!)

Hounds of Heaven author Cole Drewes is having a contest on his site, Alter-Ego, to promote the release of his new novel.  Take a look!

Press Release:
Hounds of Heaven is a science fiction novel with urban fantasy/paranormal elements. I would consider it a hybrid novel inspired by the mythology of vampire and werewolves. It’s been compared to Starship Troopers with vampires. This action-packed novel is set in a futuristic dystopian New York City inhabited by vampires and demons.

Werewolf and battle hardened resistance fighter Dom Craddock is sick of losing. Dom is a member of the resistance called HADES, a paramilitary organization made up of humans and werewolves. Hades has been on the losing side of a war that has spanned six hundred years led by the vampire regime known as The Tartarus Corporation.

Dom and his elite recon team, finally find hope while on an otherwise routine mission. What they find might help them win the war against the vampires, save the dying planet, and hopefully what’s left of humanity.

Throughout Dom’s last mission he struggles with the world he once knew, and the world he now suffers in, hoping for one day to see the sun shining on his face again. Dom must first comes to terms with his past-the same past that assisted in the genocide of mankind, and handed the planet over to the vampires. A past he wants to forget and leave behind, but the actions he set in motion all those years ago have come back to destroy the only hope at saving humanity.

Monique Snyman of the book review blog Killeraphrodite, says that Hounds of Heaven “was a rollercoaster of awesome… you won’t have any fingernails left by the time the book ends. Action, romance, treachery, horror, historical references that’s been changed in such a way that it’s somewhat plausible… Damn it, just get the book and read it!”

Below you can buy Hounds of Heaven in the following e-book formats for $0.99:

You can read 25% of the novel for free through Smashwords.

A paperback version will be available through Amazon around 6/15/2011.

All profits made from my books sales during 5/23/2011-6/23/2011 will be donated to Red Cross to help the victims of Joplin, MO.
Here are the particulars of the contest:
Contest is running from today June 6/09/2011 to 6/16/2011.

(1) 1st place winner, signed copy of book and e-book of book. 1 framed poster of book cover with 2 additional promotional posters. A New Amazon Kindle!

(5) 2nd place winners will get a signed copy of the paperback book.

(10) 3rd place winners will get a e-book copy of the book in any format sent to your email.

Head on over to Cole's blog and enter!!!


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