Thursday, October 7, 2010

Booking Through Thursday

Today's Booking Through Thursday Question is:

"When you travel, how many books do you bring with you? Has this changed since the arrival of ebooks?"

I don't have an e-reader although I am seriously looking at them and have been for several months now.  I see the advantage of them when traveling, and I do a lot of traveling.  Typically I overpack when it comes to books.  When I went to the United States this past summer for a three week trip, I brought along about 15 books (We drove so space wasn't as much of an issue.) and I definitely went overboard, but I would go to pieces if I actually ran out of something to read.  If I travel somewhere where I have to fly, I usually bring three books, but I search online for the nearest bookstore to where I am staying in case I ever run out of reading material.  I've come to the conclusion that I have a serious addiction to books and reading.

I don't actually do a lot of reading while on holidays, but the comfort of knowing the books are there in case I feel like reading is enough.  I wonder how many other people feel this way about their books.


  1. Very funny - I always overpack when it comes to books, too! I always think I'll have more reading time than I actually do, and like you said, I don't want to risk running out of books (as if you can't buy books just about anywhere!)

    For our 3-week road trip each summer, I have tried o get a little more reasonable - I think I packed 5 or 6 books this summer. My 16-year old son packs an entire duffel bag full of books!! And, he reads a lot of them, too. Unlike me, he doesn't get car sick and can read in the car - sometimes he'll go through a book a day on our trip.

    I do try to pack lighter-weight paperbacks if I'm traveling by train or plane. I'm trying to teach my son this, and he's finally getting it. Years ago, on our annual plane trip to visit his grandparents in Oklahoma, we discovered he'd packed an encyclopedia-sized compendium of all of the Sherlock Holmes stories and novels! It pretty much filled his backpack. Shows his priorities!


  2. I usually take two books, a light fiction read and then a nonfiction science or history that I can get into.

  3. I always take a minimum of three books. The one I'm reading and two others. If it's a car trip, I usually have to stop and buy more. It's not so bad when I'm flying. But, I can get sucked in by the book stores at the airport.

  4. I would usually take one book for the plane and pack two in my suitcase, with the understanding that I would probably buy a few during vacation. Since I got my nook, travelling is so much easier! I still haunt the local bookstores, but now I don't have to worry about taking up valuable packing space! I'll always love print books, but an eReader is definitely great for travelling!