Sunday, March 28, 2010

In My Mailbox

This is a great weekly meme hosted by Kristi @ The Story Siren.  I like it because I find it an easy way to keep track of when I receive things in the mail or when I borrow things from the library.

Here is what I got this week:

For review:

The Second Coming
by David H. Burton

Five hundred years have passed since the Earth shifted on its axis - a catastrophic event that wiped out civilization and released the powers of the dead back to Earth.  With technology long abandoned, a dark age has shrouded our world once more.  Travel to a future world of blood sacrifice, demons, witchcraft, and an immoral God that has returned to reclaim his former dominion.

Books Won:

by Laura Bynum

A near-future tale of the U.S turned into a dictatorship and surveillance state with every person's actions monitored by a chip implanted into their necks.

Books From The Library:

Gifted: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Book 3)
By Marilyn Kaye

Click the title to see my review.  I read it as soon as I got home from the library.

The Devil's Queen: A Novel of Catherine de Medici
by Jeanne Kalogridis

You know, I went to the library intending to pick up the book that was waiting for me and that's it.  I already have too many books to read as it is so I studiously avoided looking at the bookshelves as I went in, was great at avoiding the new arrivals section, but then the unexpected happened.  At the last moment possible, this book appeared and it leapt from the cart right into my hands and would not go back into the cart.  So I took it home.

From Jeanne Kalogridis, the best-selling author of I, Mona Lisa and The Borgia Bride, comes a new novel that tells the passionate story of a queen who loved not wisely...but all too well.

Books From The Bookstore:

I went to Chapter's on Saturday and to my dismay (and delight), they have a sale going on right now.  If you buy 3 books, you get the fourth one for free.  Or 20% off any YA novel in the store.  Talk about trying to reign it in.  My ploy is to go back several times so I don't spent it all at once.  These ones I bought for my kids and to start the children's reviews I keep promising.

City of Ashes (Book 2 The Mortal Instruments)
by Cassandra Clare

Okay, this one was for me.

The Challenge (Steel Trapp Book 1)
by Ridley Pearson

I love this author!  And now so does my son.

The Other Side of The Island
by Allegra Goodman

One of the few times I was influenced to buy a book simply because I really liked the cover.

House of Many Ways
by Diana Wynne Jones

I tend to buy these books on sale whenever I see them simply because I like this author and I hope my children will want to read these one day.

How was everyone else's week?


  1. Even though you're aware that they're luring you in, it doesn't matter, does it! I love those in-store sales and all the email coupons. The Mortal Instruments is one of my fave YA series. Can't wait for Clockwork Angel. Enjoy all your new books!