Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Review: Buried Angels by Patricia Gibney

Buried Angels (D.I. Lottie Parker, Book #8)
by Patricia Gibney
Release Date: May 26th 2020
2020 Bookouture
Kindle ARC: 451 Pages
ISBN: 978-1838886615
ASIN: B085471N18
Genre: Fiction / Mystery / Police
Source: Review copy from publisher

4.5 / 5 Stars

When Faye Baker discovers a fragile child’s skull behind the walls of her new home, Detective Lottie Parker is called to investigate. The house has been owned for years by the family of Faye’s boyfriend Jeff, so when Jeff starts acting suspiciously, Lottie wonders what he might be hiding…

Lottie doesn’t have long to dig deeper before a child’s bones are found by eleven-year-old Gavin on nearby railway tracks. The bones don’t match the small skull behind the walls, but Lottie can’t ignore the coincidence. Someone out there must be missing their loved ones and it’s up to her to put right a terrible wrong.

Unable to shake a feeling of foreboding, Lottie goes to speak to Faye, and discovers that she hasn’t turned up for work. When Faye’s body is found stuffed in the back of her car, Lottie needs to find out who wanted her to keep quiet.

As Lottie hunts for Faye’s killer, the case takes a darker turn when Gavin goes missing. Faye and Gavin are connected only by the grisly body parts they discovered. But who are these little victims and why has their killer come back? Can Lottie find the answers before another precious life is taken? 

My Thoughts
Buried Angels is the eighth book in the D.I. Lottie Parker series and is just as strong and twisty as any of the previous books featuring the Detective Inspector.  I have read every single book in this series, and have become quite invested in Lottie's ongoing struggles with her family, Boyd, and her job.  Each book has ended on a bit of cliffhanger and this one is not exception, although the endings to the mysteries themselves are nicely solved.  It's Lottie's personal life that is always in shatters at the end of each book and it is definitely that which keeps me coming back.

I have to say that 451 pages goes quite fast when you have so many twists and turns, and there is so much action happening all of the time.  As soon as you take a deep breath to absorb the new information, all of a sudden you are thrust into a new situation with new information and it is a lot to digest.  I usually pick up on the threads quite early in a book, but it took me until halfway through to really pinpoint who I thought was the killer and that is pretty good.  What I couldn't figure out was the motive.  The author really delved into dysfunctional family units in this one, and some of it may be uncomfortable to read.  I don't want to say too much as it will give away some of the plot, but there are some people who do not believe in fidelity.  Abuse also was a strong theme in this book so there are definitely some triggers of which to be careful.  

Lottie has a new boss in this one, but we don't really hear a lot from her until the very end but all of that drama is going to lead us into the next book.  I like that no all the detectives get along, but each of them is interesting in their own way.  I am not a fan of Lynch and I didn't really like what she was doing in this book, nor do I like where this is heading with her.  However, knowing the author and how she twists things, the end result should be quite interesting and fun.  I hope. As for Lottie herself, I will say it again, love that woman.  I like how the author lets her show her human side during the investigation, her tears, and her emotions over the bodies and the loss of life.  The author makes it so easy to connect with her, even when you think she is being silly.  

Buried Angels takes place about six months after the last book, and nothing has really changed for Lottie: her children are still rebelling, where she will live is still upside down, she has a new boss with which to deal, and a disgruntled detective.  And I loved all of it simply because the author has a way of hooking you in with all of the action and the suspense.  Plus, she has this way of connecting all of the characters in a way that makes perfect sense, connecting all of the random clues, until everything comes together towards the end.  This is definitely one of my favourite series, and I can't recommend it enough. 


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