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Review & Giveaway: Initiation by Imogen Rose

by Imogen Rose
Release Date: December 25th, 2011
2011 by Imogen Rose
Ebook Edition; 411 Pages
ISBN: 978-0-982-80028-7
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Source: Author through Bewitching Book Tours

4.5 / 5 Stars

Welcome to Bonfire Academy. Set in the foothills of the alpine mountains in St.Moritz, this exclusive private school caters to a special kind of student. Enter at your own risk... but if you are human, you may not want to enter at all. 

My Thoughts
Initiation is the first novel in the Bonfire Academy Series and I really had a hard time putting this one down.  The intrigue begins right from the beginning when Cordelia is summoned to meet the Student Council President, something that shocks and disturbs her as the identity of this person is usually a closely guarded secret.  We also learn that the academy had just recently re-opened due to a serious fire three months previously under mysterious circumstances and the students had been sent home during reconstruction.   When Cordelia learns that she is the new mentor for a thirteen-year-old demon princess who has no idea how to control her own powers, things definitely move swiftly from this moment as the two are soon attacked and almost killed while walking through the halfway to another part of the school.  And the action just kept going, from scene to revelation, pretty much like this for the entire novel.  It was hard to keep up with all of the information.  But I was so hooked!

I have always enjoyed any novel that takes place in a boarding school and adding the paranormal twists make it that much more appealing.  This novel is slightly different however, as these paranormals have a slightly twisted take on their morality and all sort of crazy things could happen at any time.  The love-triangles happening in this novel could make you dizzy, and I found it kind of hypocritical for Cordelia to be so mad at Jagger all the time whenever he did something with the opposite sex just because she liked him when she was busy canoodling with her own boyfriend all of the time.  However, in keeping with that, many of these scenes were quite clean and it was through hints and suggestions and nuance that you knew what was happening, not outright descriptive scenes.  

One of the other things I really enjoyed was the concept that the author never let you forget that you were dealing with paranormals all of the time.  Just when you got comfortable with the characters, something would happen out of nowhere to remind you that you had to take into account the supernatural side of their personas, and those personas could be downright nasty, even Cordelia, who is a demon princess.  One of their mottos is Trust no one and as a reader, you need to keep that firmly in mind as you read through the story.  Many of the characters have good hearts, good consciences, and are nice and friendly, but when their supernatural sides come out, it is so much fun, and I have never read so many fight scenes in one boarding in the first half of a book before.  Hopefully Cordelia won't spend so much time in the infirmary in future novels as she does in this one.

Initiation was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it tremendously.  The quirky and unique cast of characters made this novel so interesting, and I couldn't wait to discover what supernatural power each character had.  The writing style is beautiful and flowing and just draws you in until you can't put the book down. I enjoyed the fact that the characters were not quite trustworthy as it added an element of fun and suspense to what could have been a conventional novel.  I am definitely looking forward to the next book in this series.

Character Interview

I have to be honest. I approached this interview with some hesitation, perhaps even a little trepidation. After all, even though I feel I know him a bit through Cordelia, I’ve never experienced Jagger directly. As he sits before me, I can empathize with Cordelia. He is impossibly magnetic, his aura both powerful and dangerous, the only release, a hint of humor gleaming in his silver-gray eyes.

IR: Jagger, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. Are you excited about starting a new year at the Academy?
JR: My pleasure. I am, though I’m not exactly sure what my role will be this year. I guess I’ll find out when I get there.

IR: So, you’re not heading back as the Student Council President?
JR: I wouldn’t think so. That position is usually only awarded for a year. Plus, my time at the academy is officially over.

IR: Why are you going back, then?
JR: Mainly to keep an eye on my brother, Ryker.

IR: And Cordelia?
JR: Yes, hmm. You said that you had some questions from my fans...

IR: I do! Here is one from Sean Sweeney. He wants to know what you got Cordelia for Valentine’s Day.
JR: Myself. However, like any girl, she obviously needed a “token” as well. I got her a little secret something from Harry Winston.

IR: Nice! The next question is about Cordelia as well. Al Kunz, the infamous celeb book blogger, aka The Snake, wants to know what really happened on the slopes. He wants details.
JR: He couldn’t handle the details.

IR: LOL! There you have it, Al! Moving on... Michelle Cable wants to know what you thought when you first saw Cordelia and what you thought of that electrifying kiss.
JR: That she’s stunning is apparent to all who are lucky enough to behold her. I was struck by her beauty as soon as I saw her, when she first arrived at the academy. It was my policy to stay away from demons, though. Every kiss with her is electrifying, but I’m guessing you mean our very first kiss. I was shocked, but immediately realized what had happened.

IR: Too bad that doesn’t happen to humans. Synching sounds unbelievably intimate...
JR: It is, but the realization that one is bound forever to this one being frightening, too. That’s unnatural in the supernatural world.

IR: I can see that. Faustine seems to bridge the gap between the human and the paranormal worlds. My daughter Lauren wants to know what you think of Faustine, and Vickie Boehnlein wants to know if you’re scared of Faustine.
JR: I love Faustine. She’s like a little sister to me. I feel very protective of her, even though I know that she can take care of herself. And yes, I’m scared of her. I’d be stupid not to be. She’s one of the most powerful demons I’ve ever come across.

IR: Demons seem to like their food, meat in particular. Lynn O’Dell would like to know if you prefer filet mignon or T-bones?
JR: I’m not a demon, but I do prefer Filet Mignon.

IR: That doesn’t surprise me. I have a last question from my friend Allirea Brumley. She wants to know what’s going to happen to you next?
JR: I’m not a Wanderer, so a trip into the future to answer that is not possible. Say “hi” to her from me, though. I love her name... Allirea. Is she a faery?

IR: Ha, ha. No, I don’t think so.  Thank you so much, Jagger!

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  1. Oh wow, i've never heard of this book. Sounds like a good book. Though, the love triangle sort of throws me off, but after reading that character interview, I think I will still give it a shot. :-)

    1. The love triangle twist just added another dimension to the paranormal beings persona that was depicted; it was an interesting way to remind us that these characters were different from regular human beings. It gave the reader some interesting reading times, though.

  2. This is new for me...sounds like one I would enjoy!

  3. This sounds like a fantastic read!! Action, paranormal, supernatural twisted together in a boarding school!! Totally awesome review!! Definitely will add to my reads list! Thank you for the chance to win!!
    DeAnna Schultz

    1. I didn't know what to expect when I began to read and I was pleasantly surprised. Love the boarding school stuff for some reason!

  4. This sounds AMAZING!! Boarding school, and supernaturals and Switzerland! A great combination!!!!

  5. Book is amazing I am so sad I didn't win!